Graduate of Journalism At The Ohio State University. Storyteller, Feature Writer, Video Producer & Editor, Proud Filipino-American and Animal Lover.

About Me

Thank you for visiting my page! 

My name is Shanti Anne Villanueva Lerner. I am a story-teller, feature writer, video producer, editor, proud Filipino-American and lover of animals. 

I am originally from Angeles City, Philippines where I had an amazing childhood and upbringing. At  the age of 16, I spent the next three years studying at George School, a 127 year old Quaker boarding school outside of Philadelphia  where I got my International Baccalaureate degree. I then attended The Ohio State University where I graduated in 2019 with a Bachelors of Arts and Sciences degree in Journalism, and a minor in Spanish.  

At  Ohio State, I developed strong writing skills in my class work and also while working as a reporter for the student newspaper, The Lantern, writing one to two feature stories per week on deadline on various topics including health and fitness, sports, general feature writing, public policy, and profiles. 

I also got involved in television production at Big Ten Network Student U, a student run television network that provided sports content from Ohio State to Big Ten Network in Chicago. There I took on nearly every job involved in bringing a sporting event to life on television, including camera operator, replay, graphics, and  executive producer of our student broadcasts. 

Upon graduating,I did a five week internship at Big Ten Network in Chicago. I rotated through four weeks of intense and focused technical training to put on a live television broadcast. I learned how to use VIZ graphics, Dream Catcher Replay, how to produce and direct and as well as do pre-show research and story ideation. This experience gave me knowledge and on live production logistics and team collaboration to come up with story-lines and efficient work practices to produce successful Big Ten Network content.   

Most recently I worked as a video intern for the Ohio State marketing department for five months. I was tasked with producing stories, filming and editing video content based on the marketing department’s needs.  During my time there, I successfully created six short and mid-form videos that have appeared on various Ohio State platforms.  

Currently, I work as an accredited freelance writer for the Ohio State Alumni Magazine. I am tasked with pitching story ideas, writing feature stories, and collaborating with the editorial team.

I also worked for  The Golf Channel’s “Live From” show at the 2018 U.S Open and the 2018 PGA championship.

Outside of work, I have a strong passion for animals. For my 24th birthday I raised over 700 dollars for the Angeles City Veterinary Clinic, my home city’s government run facility that helps and rescues abandoned and abused cats and dogs. I am now working with my city’s mayor to help upgrade their veterinary clinic facilities and assist in their outreach programs. I am hoping to use my knowledge and passion in storytelling to spread awareness on issues like this that matter to me. 

With my experiences in writing, producing, editing, research and production, I am confident that I could be a valuable asset to any production team or any media outlet. I am also fluent in English, Spanish and Filipino, which would help me connect and work with many people in the industry. 

If you would like to contact me to learn more about me or have a chat, email me at